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Murang’a Women Aspirants’ Evaluation Meeting: Women and Devolved Governance Project Phase 2

12 Murang’a County Assembly women aspirants met at Eton Hotel in Thika on  24th April 2017 for an evaluation meeting concluding the second phase of the GIZ/CPS funded project Women and Governance: Building the capacity of Murang’á County Assembly Women  Aspirants to vie for the 2017 General Election. The meeting sought to review the project activities which included a 5 days’ training, a visit to the Murang’a County Assembly and a media strategy under which the aspirants recorded campaign features that aired on Inooro Radio.

The women aspirants reported that their capacity to vie for the MCA position in their respective wards had been strengthened in several ways. First, the training had increased their knowledge and helped them develop skills in various aspects that are essential while vying for the seat of Member of County Assembly. They had a better understanding of the electoral process, had prepared their manifestos and campaign budgets, branded themselves, conducted grassroots mobilization, were better at resource mobilization and they were able to manage their campaigns more effectively. Secondly, the visit to the Murang’a County Assembly helped them better understand how the business of the house is conducted. Lastly, the features aired on Inooro Radio increased their visibility in their wards and made the electorate have more confidence in them. The project had therefore achieved its objectives by reducing some of the challenges women face in their quest for political leadership.

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