Karai Ward Positive Masculinities Tournament

On 9th April 2017, CEEC supported six young men from Karai Ward, Kikuyu Sub County to hold a Positive Masculinities tournament in Gicharani Primary School. The six were part of a team that went through a “Positive Masculinities” training from 31st January to 3rd February 2017 under the DKA Austria supported project “Working with Young men to Combat gender Based Violence. The tournament brought together 17 teams and over 200 fans and it provided an opportunity for the trainees to spread the message of positive masculinities. The ward is infamous for violence generally and therefore the message did not focus on gender based violence only but violence in general. The trainees appealed to their peers to embrace a masculinity that seeks to resolve all forms of conflict non-violently including within and between their teams. The two top teams were given uniforms and balls and the six teams that made it to the quarter-finals got a soccer ball each.

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