Kinoo Ward Positive Masculinities Tournament

The fight against Gender Based Violence in Kikuyu Sub County got a boost on Sunday the 9th of April 2017, when young men from Kinoo Ward chose to spread the message through a soccer tournament at Kinoo Primary School. The tournament organizers were part of a Positive Masculinities training conducted under a DKA Austria funded project “Working with young men to combat Gender Based Violence”. The tournament attracted 12 teams, four of which proceeded to the semi-finals. The eight teams that made it to the quarter-finals were awarded with a soccer ball each, while the two that emerged winners from the semi-final matches were each awarded a set of uniforms in addition to the balls. These two teams also got a direct ticket to participate in the Kikuyu Sub-county Tournament to be held at a later date. The trainees and CEEC used the tournament to sensitize over 250 players, fans and other spectators on the need to embrace and foster positive masculinities in order to combat gender based violence.

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