Sigona Ward Positive Masculinities Tournament

On 2nd April 2017, the community turned up in large numbers at Kanyanjara grounds to cheer on their own in a tournament organized by youth from Sigona Ward to urge young men to embrace positive masculinities in a bid to combat the prevailing Gender Based Violence. The organizers of the tournament had undergone a Positive Masculinities training under the DKA Austria supported project “Positive Masculinities – Working with Young Men to combat Gender Based Violence in Kikuyu Sub County. The tournament was a culmination of a league that begun in March and saw all the 6 teams in the ward sweat it off for the top positions. The theme of the day was “Who is a real man?” The fans and players were in agreement that a real man takes responsibility, takes care of himself and others, respects others and avoids violence. To drive the point home, the message was reinforced by the slogan “mwanaume sio vita” meaning that the true mark of manhood is not violence. CEEC’s trainees from the ward shared what they had learnt during the training by creating awareness on gender and emphasizing that a peaceful society is one where both men and women respect each other. They implored parents to raise their children with the knowledge that gender is socially learnt and therefore can be unlearnt. Nderi Tarino and Kanyanjara FC were the top two teams who received football jerseys and balls and the remaining 4 teams received balls.

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