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Women Aspirants’ Visit to the Murang’a County Assembly

Under the second phase of the project Women and Governance: Building the Capacity of Murang’a County Assembly Women Aspirants to vie for the 2017 General Election, CEEC with support from GIZ/CPS conducted a training of 13 women aspirants from 27th February to 3rd March 2017. To help the women have a feel of what to expect if they get elected, CEEC organized a tour to the Murang’a County Assembly which took place on 31st March 2017. Although the county assembly was in recess, the visit was helpful because the aspirants got to learn how the house business is conducted.  Topics covered included mandate, roles and functions of the County Assembly, the law making process, the link between the legislative and executive arms of county governments, the devolved functions of the county assembly vis-a-vis the national assembly, decorum in the assembly and the general operations of the house. The session helped the aspirants disabuse some of the myths they had about what they would be able to do if elected. This meant they were now able to engage with the electorate from a more informed position, without promising to do things that were beyond their mandate.

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