Standing up for Women’s Inheritance Rights in Central Kenya

The project aimed at building the capacity of 60 women of faith from Central Kenya to safeguard women’s inheritance rights. It had the following components;

  • Training of 60 women of faith on gender, family law and succession as well as conflict resolution and communication skills.
  • Packaging the law on family and inheritance in a simplified and user friendly booklet.
  • Mobile legal aid clinics
  • Supporting litigation for selected needy cases on Succession and Inheritance.

This project was the first of its kind and it was very well received by the women and the community around them. The legal aid clinics and the support for needy cases were two very important complementary components. Since the trainees could not reach a wide audience, the legal aid clinics facilitated interaction between CEEC’s pro bono lawyers and the community members. About 300 community members had their legal questions answered especially those that related to marriage, property and inheritance. CEEC also supported 13 women who were at risk of being disinherited and could not afford legal fees to file their cases in court. The trainees were given copies of a simplified booklet on Family law and Succession to help them in their outreach efforts.