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Training on Alcohol and Substance Abuse for Youth in Kikuyu Sub County

Upon recommendations from a Baseline Survey conducted in 2018, CEEC, with the support of DKA Austria conducted a five days’ youth training on Alcohol and Substance Abuse on 20th – 23rd and 27th May 2019 at the ACK Guest House, Kikuyu. The training brought together 30 male and female youth from the five wards in Kikuyu Sub County namely Kikuyu, Kinoo, Karai, Sigona and Nachu. The two main objectives of the training which was facilitated by Support for Addiction Prevention and Treatment in Africa (SAPTA) were to help the youth understand addictions and also learn how to run Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) groups. The training was an eye opener for the youth who got to understand the dynamics of addictions as well as the harmful chemicals in some of the substances they were using. They also better understood some of the negative health and social effects of alcohol and substance abuse and expressed the desire to do what was within their power to get out of their dysfunctional behaviour. To get practical experience on how to run AA/NA groups, the trainees embarked on the 12 AA steps and upon completion they are expected to start and facilitate AA/NA groups in their respective wards.