Sauti Mtaani Popularization Forums

The objective of the project “Youth and Governance: Enhancing Youth Participation in 2017 General Elections through the Sauti Mtaani Platform within Nairobi County” was to facilitate engagement between youth and MCA aspirants in Nairobi. This engagement was expected to help the youth make informed choices at the ballot. In this regard, 22 aspirants and 92 youth from 17 wards went through a Sauti Mtaani induction process between May and June 2017. Thereafter, the aspirants and the youth organized popularization forums within their respective wards in order to raise awareness about the platform. The forums which reached about 2500 youth gave the aspirants an opportunity to articulate their agenda for the youth who in return engaged their potential leaders on issues of concern. After a practical demonstration of how Sauti Mtaani works, CEEC encouraged the youth to continue with the engagement online since not all their questions would be answered face to face. The aspirants were happy with the platform which they said would help them reach a huge segment of the population easily. The youth on their part were excited that the platform provided easy access to their potential leaders at no cost. Together with their aspirants, they were grateful to CEEC for coming up with such an innovative idea and promised to popularize the platform within their respective wards.

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