Governance Project – Burnt Forest: Joint Planning Meeting

The main objective of the project Building the Capacity of Communities in Burnt Forest for Gender Inclusive Civic Engagement and Participatory Governance” which is being implemented with the support of GIZ/CPS is to promote women’s civic engagement in the region. It is in view of this that CEEC trained a total of 61 men and women community leaders between 20th and 28th July 2016 at Kamuyu PCEA Church in Burnt Forest. The trainees who were drawn from eight farms within Burnt Forest namely, Ndungulu, Barekeiwo, Kaplalach, Chuiyat, Kamuyu, Rukuini, Lingway and Kagongo are expected to sensitize other community members by holding two sets of dialogue forums within their respective farms. Both the male and female trainees came together on 29th July 2016 to plan for the first set of dialogue forums. They agreed on the dates and time that they would conduct the forums in their respective farms as well as group members’ roles. The forums are supposed to be organized in such a way that the men and women first meet separately and then they all come together and engage each other. Although the trainees will facilitate these forums, the methodology is a bit complex and CEEC will therefore assist with the facilitation of one forum per farm. CEEC will then accompany the trainees during the second set of dialogue forums for moral support as well as to assess their level of understanding of content and skills. Besides the forums, the trainees will also be expected to seize every available opportunity, formal or informal, to sensitize other community members.