Popularizing Sauti Mtaani Through Sports

On 1st November 2015, Njathaini grounds in Zimmerman was a bee hive of activities. The Sauti Mtaani team together with their MCA Hon. Pius Mwaura had organized a tournament that brought together hundreds of youth from all corners of the ward who braved the bad weather to discuss ward development issues as they enjoyed one of their favourite activities, sports. Three teams which included a men’s soccer team, a ladies’ soccer team and the handball team battled it out for the trophy and other prizes. The mammoth crowd presented a good opportunity for the Sauti Mtaani team whose members spent a good part of the day popularizing the platform. They did this during the breaks but they also did a major demonstration of how the platform works during the prize giving session. The youth were taken through the steps and also given the opportunity to try it out. The MCA encouraged the youth to ask any ward development related questions and to take advantage of the Sauti Mtaani platform since it gave them an opportunity to participate in governance. This event created a lot of awareness and opened channels of communication between the MCA and Zimmerman youth as indicated by the number of messages received via the platform after the event.