Women Civic Engagement Ward Forums Phase 2

Under the Women and Civic engagement project, CEEC supported women from the six wards of Kagundu-ini, Gaichanjiru, Muruka, Nga’raria, Ruchu and Ithiru in Kandara Sub County to organize forums in their respective wards in March 2014. Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from the six wards attended the forums and responded to issues and concerns raised by the women. The forums were very successful and both the women and the MCAs requested for more forums in order to reach as many women as possible. It is in light of this that CEEC supported the women to organize follow up forums between 23rd and 30th August 2014. Just like the first phase, the second round of forums was also very successful and some women who did not even know their MCAs got to meet with them and to present their issues. One of the nominated women MCAs representing People with Disabilities attended one of the forums and enlightened the women on what the County Government is doing to assist people with disabilities. The turnout for the ward forums was very good with some wards having as many as 150 women. Being a predominantly agricultural area where women are the main source of labour, having so many women leaving their daily chores to attend meetings on issues of goveranance is an indication that the women in the area are starting to become aware of the need to participate in public affairs. The quality of discussions was very impressive and demonstrated the women’s growing awareness of the need to hold their leaders accountable.

Click here to view the pictures from the ward forums.