Women and Devolved Governance Project

CEEC has been working with women and MCAs from Kandara Sub County in Murang’a County on a Women and Devolved Governance Project supported by GIZ (CPS) which aims at promoting women’s participation in devolved governance. In February and March respectively the women and the MCAs were trained on devolved governance, transformative leadership and women’s participation in governance. After the trainings the women mobilized other women from their respective wards namely Kagundu-ini, Gaichanjiru, Muruka, Nga’raria, Ruchu and Ithiru to attend ward based forums. The purpose of the forums was to help the women address their issues of concern to their leaders. All the six MCAs attended the forums in their respective wards and responded to the concerns raised by the women. The women were very happy with the forums especially given that some of them did not know their MCAs and those who do had never seen them after they voted for them. They felt the forums had opened up channels of communication between them and their leaders and they would now be able to continue engaging with them. The MCAs on the other hand appreciated the fact that the forums had provided them with an opportunity to engage with a big segment of their constituents. They affirmed the important role that women play and pledged to work with them to ensure that there was gender inclusive governance in their respective wards.