Murang’a Village Elders Exchange Visit to Burnt Forest

With support from GIZ/CPS, CEEC organized an exchange visit by elders from Murang’a to Burnt Forest as part of the project “Working with community leaders in Burnt Forest to promote nonviolent, gender and ethnic inclusive communities” between 14th -18th March, 2016. 28 village elders from Ithiru and Githumu locations in Murang’a County visited their counterparts in Tarakwa and Oleinguse locations in Burnt Forest. This was part two of an exchange visit program with the first one having taken place between 22nd to 26th February 2016 during which Burnt Forest elders visited their counterparts in Murang’a. The design of the visit was such that every elder from Murang’a was hosted by an elder from Burnt Forest. This enabled the visitors to learn their counterparts’ way of life, culture as well as their experiences of being village elders. The Murang’a elders were also taken on a tour of cultural sites, geographical attractions and farms in order to get an overview of the general way of life in the region. On the last day of the visit, all the elders came together in an experience sharing forum. Alcohol and drug abuse had emerged as a common problem that contributes to gender based violence in both regions and a specialist from Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital in Eldoret was invited to make a presentation on the topic during the forum.

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