Laituchu Women’s Group (Burnt Forest)Learning Visit to Sanata Women’s Group in Gilgil

As part of the Burnt Forest women income generating project, CEEC made contact with a women’s group called Sanata Women’s group which is based in Gilgil.One major similarity with the women in Burnt Forest is that Sanata women’s group comprises of women who were displaced by the 2007/8 post election violence and left destitute. The group has achieved considerable success since it was started in 2008 making and selling products such as bags, bracelets and sandals. On 11th November 2015, the 26 women who had undergone the IGA training under the project Alleviating poverty in Burnt Forest through women’s economic empowerment visited Sanata women group in Gilgil for a learning exchange visit. The women visited the sewing, screen printing and beadwork departments where they saw a diversity of skills and products. Sanata women’s group shared their experiences highlighting the challenges they have encountered along the way and how they managed to be successful. The Burnt Forest women who formed and registered a group called Laituchu Women Group were also given the opportunity to try their hands on bead work and discussed the possibility of working together. Sanata Women’s Group will send a beadwork trainer to Burnt Forest to train the women to complement tailoring.The visit was a great eye opener and motivation for the Laituchu women’s group and they promised to work hard and make a difference in their community though economic empowerment.

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